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Consent for Electronic Signatures, Records, Disclosures, Communication

You must read and understand all provisions of these clauses before you submit any information to or conduct any sort of business electronically.

By submitting your registration to us, thus giving your consent to the Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, and all other legal documents that govern the operation of the Website, you confirm that you have read these documents and understand the purpose of the Website, its services, and its operation, how we communicate, what our rights and responsibilities are, and what your rights and responsibilities are. When we match you with a lender, you must provide your consent in electronic form, a.k.a. e-consent. E-consent uses e-signatures, e-communication, as well as electronic methods of recording and disclosing information, which we require from you in order to provide you with any products or services in which you have expressed your interest.

Hard Copies

You have the right to request any legal document, including notices and disclosures, be printed and maintained for records at no cost to you. Send all requests directly to the managing provider. Some organizations may maintain hard copies already as far as is permissible by law.

Scope of Consent

Electronic communication or e-communication includes any electronic interactions including those via mobile device, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. When you connect with a third party lender via e-communication, you confirm your e-consent to all terms and conditions, including the collection and electronic processing of your information. You also consent that legally binding agreements or other such documents may be signed and subsequently stored electronically. You also agree that lenders may notify you of any reports or disclosures via electronic means, as well as use e-communication to provide you with links to other third parties’ websites.

Furthermore, your e-consent serves as confirmation that your all e-communications are as legal and binding as any hard copy document, with the same legal value as any hard copy document.

NB: Do not give your e-consent without first ensuring that you use sufficient software and hardware to successfully process all e-communications, electronic transactions, or other such operations. See the minimum hardware and software requirements below.

Software and Hardware Requirements: A Mac or PC compatible computing device capable of internet access and email, with an internet browsing program set to a minimum 128-bit encryption; acceptable browsers include Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Netscape®, Mozilla Firefox® and Google Chrome®. Your browser should also support a PDF file reader. Acceptable PDF reader programs include Adobe® Acrobat Reader X ® and Foxit®. Different providers may require other specifications.

Withdrawing Consent

E-consent is an immediate, one-time transaction. When you register for our matching service and provide your e-consent, you are immediately matched with third party lenders. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw your e-consent.

You may, however, withdraw your consent to interact with a particular lender at any time at no cost to you. To do so, you must send a request directly to that lender. Withdrawal of your consent may preclude the lender from offering a loan or credit product or service. Withdrawal of your request does not retroactively invalidate any electronically delivered agreements, disclosures, or other such notifications. Changing your information (such as your email address or mailing address) does not invalidate any legal agreements; please notify your lender regarding any changes or updates to your information. To find out more about how an individual lender regulates e-communication and e-consent, contact the lender directly to request further details.

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