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Terms and Conditions of Use

Effective date: 3/3/2020

These Terms and Conditions of Use represent a formal agreement between (“PaydaySeek”, “us”, “we”, “our” or “ours”) and a user (“user”, “users”, “you”, “your”, or “yours”) of the PaydaySeek company website at (“the Website”) who attempts to continue accessing the Website and using PaydaySeek’s services. These Terms and Conditions delineate the rules regarding this agreement.

PaydaySeek is not a lender, does not offer financial products and services, nor does it have any authority over credit decisions. PaydaySeek does not represent any bank, credit union, or other financial organization. We offer matching services with a network of third-party lenders (“Lenders”) that can provide financial products and services such as loans. To connect a user with Lenders, we must first receive that user’s registration form, accessible via the Website.

Please read this entire document and other legal documents on the Website in order to better understand how our services work, how to use our services, and what happens when you submit personal information to us. When you submit a registration form, it is a legally-binding agreement that you have read and understood these documents, including these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy, and that you request to use our services.

Only residents of the United States of America (“USA”) who are 18 years of age or older may access the Website and use our services. Our services are not available to residents in some states due to laws and regulations regarding short-term cash loans. Such states may include, Georgia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as well as others; this list is subject to changes by lawmakers, so please check the legal status of these loans in your own state on our Rates and Fees page, which includes resources and information about short-term loans, the industry, and common practices.

To indicate your rejection of these Terms and Conditions, please exit all pages of the Website in your browser and do not attempt to provide us with any personal information.

Company Services

Because PaydaySeek is not a lender or other such financial entity, we have no control over decisions about loans or credit. Our service is to connect users with Lenders who operate independently from PaydaySeek and who can offer users financial products and services. Lenders may offer users short-term loans with term limits that vary from state to state. Some Lenders may have loans of up to $1,000 available.

PaydaySeek has no control over distribution of any loans, nor do we have any to do with credit decisions. Lenders make their own decisions regarding credit. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our service will result in approval, nor that you will qualify to match with any lender. Lenders may have up to $1,000 available, but not every Lender does.

Any user who has questions, concerns, or doubts about short-term lending or a specific short-term loan offer should seek professional consultation and support. Please note that short-term loans are designed for short-term use in the event of financial emergencies. Long-term use of this loan system can become expensive quickly. It is up to the user to access and manage these loans responsibly.

Because we have no control over the terms of any loan or credit product, we cannot take responsibility for any information or decisions that relate to any specific loan or credit product.

Your continued use of the Website serves as confirmation that you accept these Terms and Conditions and other legal documents that regulate the Website. You also acknowledge that PaydaySeek has no control over, and therefore can bear no responsibility for, any damages or costs that result from your association, communication, or cooperation with any Lender.

You must register with us using the online form on the Website prior to using our services. This requires you to submit personal information, including contact, employment, finances, and other sensitive information that may include a social security number (“SSN”) and banking information. This is the information we use to provide you with our service, searching for and matching you with Lenders. This also requires us to share the information you give us with these Lenders. Do not provide us with any information that you do not want us to collect, store, use, and share.

We collect, store, use, and share information according to policies documented on the Website, including the Privacy Policy, Responsible Lending Policies, and Marketing Practices. Your voluntary submission of your own information legally serves as confirmation that you have read and understood these and all other documents delineating our standards and practices, including these Terms and Conditions of Use. Your voluntary submission of your own information also serves as a request that we use your information and share it with Lenders in order to match you with one or more Lenders; you agree that this gives Lenders authorization to contact you using the contact information provided by you in our online registration form, which may include your email address, telephone number, and direct mailing address. This contact may include offers for financial products and services in which you express your interest when you register with the Website.

Your SSN and banking details are sensitive personal information, which we protect using strict security and management protocols. We may share some of your less-sensitive personal information with third-party marketers with whom we have contracts (“Marketers”). Lenders may also share less-sensitive information with other third-party marketers with whom they have contracts; these other third party marketers may contact you with more financial products and services in which you may have expressed interest.

PaydaySeek is not a lender and will never use your information to perform any type of credit check or other verification. Lenders, however, may require credit verification and may use your information to perform a credit check prior to approving you for any type of financial offer. Approval decisions are up to Lenders. We cannot guarantee approval, nor that individual Lenders will offer all the products matching your wants or needs. Furthermore, we have no information or authority regarding any financial products or services, nor any agreements or contracts regarding such. To access details about a particular transaction, contact the Lender directly.

Authorized Use and Proprietary Rights

All content and material on the Website are protected under copyright. The Website is only to be used in accordance with the law and with legal documents regulating the use of the Website, including these Terms and Conditions. Reuse or reproduction of any content without prior authorization is strictly prohibited and unlawful. In the event of violation of these rules, we may pursue legal action.

We retain ownership rights for all content on the Website that is protected under copyright. This content includes text, images, logos, digital records, videos, and other trademarked material protected under intellectual property laws. Users have no ownership of anything that appears on the Website, and do not have authorization to duplicate, reproduce, or otherwise exploit this content. Content on the Website is not to be copied, sold, or subject to any other illegal actions.

Disclaimer of Warranties

PaydaySeek makes no guarantees with regard to any product or service. We cannot guarantee that products or services will meet your needs. We offer all of our services “as is” based on availability. Users access the Website and use our services at their own risk under provisions set in these Terms and Conditions as well as other legal regulatory documents on the Website. These documents are subject to change at any time and without prior notification. PaydaySeek cannot guarantee that its services will always be accessible, secure, or without error. We also cannot guarantee that the software and operating systems we use will operate 100% error-free at all times. We correct any and all errors immediately once we are aware of them. Please contact us directly to report any system errors. Any interruptions in service or errors beyond our control are also beyond the realm of our responsibility.

We cannot guarantee that the software and digital tools used by Lenders, Marketers, or any other third parties will always be 100% free of error. We cannot accept any responsibility for software or tool errors beyond our control. Please note that we have not verified third party links on the Website. It is your responsibility to take action to accept or reject products or services offered by any third party; you do so at your own risk, and we are not liable for any consequences you may face as a result of your action(s).

Limitation of Liability

Use of the Website and our services is ultimately at your own risk. We cannot control and therefore cannot be responsible for any loss or damage you may incur, directly or indirectly, from use of the Website, our services, or the services provided by Lenders.

We adhere strictly to federal and state laws. Because different states have different conditions regulating our industry, our liability may vary as is allowed by law.

Implication of Privacy Policy in Marketing Activity

Your submission of your information to us via the Website is indication of agreement that we are authorized to collect, store, use, and share your information for marketing to the extent that it is stated in our Privacy Policy. Providing your information allows us to share the information you have provided with Lenders and Marketers. To request that we expunge and exclude your information from our databases, lists, or servers, contact us directly with your request. To request that any Lenders, Marketers, or other third party permanently remove your information from any of their lists, databases, or servers, contact those Lenders, Marketers, and other third parties directly and individually.

Third Party Websites

PaydaySeek does not represent or endorse any Lenders or other third parties. The nature of our services means the Website contains links to third party websites. Additionally, we may contact users with directions to websites offering products and services in which they have expressed interest. We cannot control and therefore do not accept responsibility for content or any other material found on third party websites. Access and use these third party websites at your own risk.


Research and know the laws in your state regarding short-term loans and the regulation of the Website and its services. If you believe we have taken any kind of unlawful action, you may lodge an official complaint with your state’s regulating institution(s). In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you agree to process and resolve all disputes between you and PaydaySeek through arbitration or “out of court.” You also waive your right to bring your dispute before a judge or court of law, with or without legal counsel, individually or as part of a class-action lawsuit. These Terms and Conditions prohibit you from joining any class action lawsuits against PaydaySeek.

The American Arbitration Council may authorize compensation not to exceed the maximum damages requested by the user. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you waive your right to claim damages in the form of costs of arbitration, be they incidental or consequential, punitive or otherwise. The user agrees to accept the results of arbitration. PaydaySeek maintains the right to bring a dispute before a judge or legal court.

If you do not accept these provisions, do not register with the Website and immediately cease using our services. If you have already indicated your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions but wish to reject these rules of dispute and arbitration, you must send us a written letter within ten (10) days of your initial acceptance. The Website provides you with information for contacting PaydaySeek. Your letter of request must include your legal first and last name, your telephone number, your physical address, and your email address. It must also contain the statement, “I reject the arbitration clause put forth by PaydaySeek as stated on within the Website’s Terms and Conditions of Use.”

If you wish to reject the arbitration clause but have missed the ten-day window, you must bring the case before a judge or court of law within one (1) year. You may not claim damages after this one-year period has passed.

Export Restriction

Embargos prohibit accessing the Website from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. This list is subject to change. Accessing or using this site from any country against which the USA has placed embargos on goods and services.

The United States Treasury Department keeps a list of Special Designated Individuals who may not access the Website or use our services. Access to and use of the Website is also unavailable to anyone on the US Commerce Department’s Table of Denial Orders.

Registering with us and continuing to use the Website indicates your consent to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use. You agree that you will not access the Website or use our services under prohibited conditions.


Should you violate any of these Terms and Conditions of Use, PaydaySeek will not be liable for any claims you may make against PaydaySeek, its parent company and subsidiaries, its affiliates, or any associated individuals including employees, agents, managers, directors, and partners. Additionally, none of these entities will be liable in the event that you (i) use this website improperly or illegally; (ii) have any type of dispute with any third party.

Complete Agreement

You understand and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use. This agreement is between you and PaydaySeek, and this agreement will govern all communication and cooperation between you and us. This agreement is the prime regulatory document and supersedes any prior arrangements and contracts. In the event of violation of any of these conditions, such as cases of discrimination or unlawful exploitation, all elements of this agreement remain valid and in force.

Modifications and Updates

We reserve the right to update, amend, and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions of Use without any prior notification. All changes are active immediately upon publication on the Website unless another effective date is specified. It is your responsibility to stay informed about all changes to these Terms and Conditions as well as all other legal documents accessible on the Website. Please check the Website regularly for updates. We may notify you of changes using the contact information you have provided to us according to protocols delineated in the Privacy Policy.

Severability and Termination

Any part of this document that is unlawful or otherwise contradicts regulations will be void, but all other terms will remain in effect. In other words, if part of one clause is deemed unlawful, the remainder of the clause and all other clauses within this document will still be in force. In the event that we fail to regulate any part of this agreement, it does not invalidate any other part of the agreement, and we retain all rights.

Among our rights is the prerogative to deny you access to the Website at any time, for any reason. We also have the right to terminate services should you violate any part of these Terms and Conditions or any other legal documents on the Website. You may cease using our services and stop accessing the Website at any time; this does not invalidate any of the provisions you have previously agreed to.


These Terms and Conditions are divided into titled sections as a means to aid understanding. These headings do not supersede any information within the contents of this document, nor does it alter the meaning of any terms.

Contact Information

Address any request, inquiry, or complaint in regard to our services or operations directly to us so we may resolve any issues as soon as possible. The Website contains our contact information; you may also contact us via email at [email protected]. If you are dissatisfied with our management of your request or inquiry, your state of legal residence operates organizations designed to ensure consumer protection; please direct your official complaint or report to one or more of these organizations.

Your use of this website indicates a binding agreement to honor the conditions therein, to abide by all of the above terms; please print and retain a physical copy of this agreement for your records.

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