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Privacy Policy

Effective date: 3/3/2020

This Privacy Policy explains how (hereafter referred to as “PaydaySeek”, “the Website”, “us”, “we”, “our” or “ours”) collects, stores, shares, and uses information provided by the user (hereafter referred to as “user”, “users”, “you”, “your”, or “yours”). This document represents our formal guarantee that we will protect and secure all user information provided to us.

If you have shared your information with us and want us to erase any of your personal details from our records (that is, records that are associated with PaydaySeek and are under our control), please contact us directly using the contact details provided on

PaydaySeek adheres strictly to all federal, state, and local laws of the United States of America (“USA”). By willingly submitting your information to the Website, you confirm that you are a legal resident of the USA aged 18 years or older. Your registration and submission also confirms that you understand and accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Website Terms and Conditions of Use, and that the information you submit to us will be regulated according to these documents.

Please study these documents carefully before you submit your information to us. If you misunderstand or disagree with any clauses within the Terms and Conditions of Use or this Privacy Policy, do not provide your information or register with PaydaySeek via online form or by any other method. To indicate your rejection of these terms, do not use our services and please close any browser windows in which the Website is or was open.

A. Personally and Non-Personally Identifiable Information

To register with PaydaySeek and use its services, you must provide personally identifiable information (“PII”) via the online form on the Website. This Privacy Policy explains how your PII is collected, stored, used, and shared. PII may include your first and last names, home address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, employment information, state-issued ID number, social security number (“SSN”), and banking information.

We collect PII essential to provide the services you request by using the Website. If for any reason you decide to cease using the Website, do not submit your PII. We use your SSN and banking information to search for and match you with third party lenders in our network (“Lenders”); this information will never be shared with any Lenders, marketers, or any other third parties unless we are required to by law or by special order from authorized parties such as law enforcement or legal governing bodies.

We also collect any non-personally identifiable information (“NPII”) that your use of the Website makes available to us. NPII may include Internet Protocol (“IP”) data, browser details, date and time of access, internet service provider (“ISP”) details, referring and exit pages, user operating system, etc. We may share your NPII with third parties we contract with unless you (i) find means to hide your NPII, such as use of a proxy server; (ii) directly submit to us your request that we stop using your NPII.

a. Use of Your PII

We collect, store, use, and share your PII in accordance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. We use data encryption and other reasonable security means to protect your PII, which we can only collect from you willingly via registration on the Website. Your submission of your PII to us indicates your understanding and consent that we will use the information you submit to (i) protect you from fraud; (ii)  provide you with the service of matching you with  Lenders; (iii) contact you with information about  Lenders; (iv) contact you with marketing materials for financial products and services in which you express interest.

We may share some of your less-sensitive PII (excluding SSN, banking information, and other privileged data such as state-issued ID numbers) with third party technical support providers; our contracts with these providers specifies that your information is to be kept secure and that the third party technical support provider is liable for any security breach or sharing of your PII. Third party technical support providers are in no way, at any time, authorized to share or otherwise distribute your PII.

Law enforcement and governing entities may have the authority to demand disclosure of part or all of your PII. We will only comply if the law requires that we do so, or if it is lawful and necessary to (1) prevent crime; (2) protect national security; (3) protect personal or public safety; (4) protect our affiliates; (5) protect us and our assets.

Only with your prior authorization (that is, consumer reporting authorization) can any  Lenders share your PII with credit bureaus or consumer reporting agencies. Any legal agreement between you and a  Lender should regulate such activity. Additionally, it is not possible for us to oversee such activity; therefore, we cannot dictate any provisions regarding said activity within this Privacy Policy.

In the event that PaydaySeek is acquired by, consolidated, or merged with another corporate entity, your PII may transfer ownership as well. It is possible that you will be notified about such an event via contact information you have voluntarily shared with us and/or a notification published on the Website. It is also possible that a company outside the USA acquires PaydaySeek, leaving the Website beholden to a new set of state or local laws. In the event that your PII transfers ownership, it may be lawful for authorized representatives of the acquiring company to dispose of, sell, or otherwise transfer your PII.

b. Third Party Marketing

We may share some of your less-sensitive PII (excluding SSN, banking information, and other privileged data such as state-issued ID numbers) with some Marketers, advertisers, and lenders. These recipients of this less-sensitive PII may use it to contact you with marketing material about products and services in which you expressed interest while submitting your information to us. These recipients may also share this set of your PII with other third party marketers (“Marketers”) who may also contact you with marketing material about products and services in which you expressed interest while submitting your information to us.

You must contact Marketers directly to request that they stop using your PII and erase the information from their servers. Some third parties will have an unsubscribe button or link easily accessible, an online form to fill out, an email address to contact, or another method of direct communication to request exclusion from their marketing activities. Such activities may include emails, direct mailing, telemarketing, text messages, and other methods of direct communication.

Some Marketers use your information to track your online activities, collect behavioral data, and search habits in order to determine which products and services best suit your needs. These Marketers may use your PII in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and the stipulations put forth in their own privacy policy and terms of use. We have no control over and can take no responsibility for how your information is used by these parties. Therefore, you must contact Marketers directly to request an end to any contact or marketing activity, or to request the elimination of your information from their servers, databases, and lists.

Your continued use of PaydaySeek’s website and services indicates your understanding of and agreement to the stipulations laid out in this Privacy Policy, our Terms and Conditions, and any legal documents that control the use of your information on the Website, as well as the terms of collection, storage, use, and sharing of your information, including how Lender and Marketers may use your PII.

To discontinue use of PaydaySeek’s website and the receipt of further information from us, you must close this and all other Website pages, and do not share any of your PII with us. If you have already submitted your PII, you can contact us directly at [email protected] to discontinue use of our services and request deletion of your PII from our databases and servers. We will process your request as soon as possible and ensure that it is not transferred to any third party to be used for any purpose.

Any PII that has already been shared with third parties is beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for any communications involving third parties. You must contact these third parties directly to request removal of your information from their servers, lists, and databases.

c. Credit Implication of PII Usage

Lenders use your PII to verify your identity and cross-reference it with national databases. Lenders may also require credit verification prior to loan approval in order to determine the risks involved in providing you with credit; this requires Lenders to use your PII to request verification or a credit report from one or more credit bureaus or other official credit organizations. Such requests may lower your credit score.

Your continued use of PaydaySeek’s website and services indicates your understanding of these terms and consent to have your credit score verified by Lenders in accordance with all legal documentation and legal agreements.

d. Email Marketing and Telemarketing

Your agreement with our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy confirms your consent to have Lenders and Marketers that have been legally supplied with your PII may use your PII for the purposes of marketing and advertisement, including email marketing and telemarketing.

Lenders and Marketers may use your PII to contact you directly or indirectly using methods that may include telephone calls, telemarketing calls, product and service offers via telephone using the phone number provided by you in the Website’s online form, regardless of its inclusion on any Do-Not-Call or Do-Not-Contact registration of any kind. This is applicable in accordance with the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule, 16 CFR §310 et seq. (“ATSR”) as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), which states that we may contact you upon your consent of the use of telemarketing; your request to use services on the Website qualifies as an attempt to purchase according to the ATSR. This means that you authorize the Website, Lenders, and Marketers to use your PII for the purposes of telemarketing.

By consenting to the terms of this Privacy Policy and other legal documents on this Website, you confirm this consent and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and are legally authorized to access and use the Website.

Additionally, you confirm that you understand the liabilities and potential charges associated with your inclusion in any telemarketing campaign.

Your service provider may also collect your PII according to terms regulated by the law and any legal agreement you may have with your service provider. Any such activity is beyond our control and cannot be regulated by the Website.

e. The Means to Collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information

PaydaySeek, Marketers, and Lenders may collect your NPII including your geographical location, IP address, ISP, operating system browsing history, online behavior, and language preferences. Methods to collect this data may include the application of cookies, web beacons, server and browser logs, and analytic tools. We collect and store this data in order to customize our services to suit your needs.


Cookies are tiny files that a website operator or host assigns to that website’s user as a way to identify said user. This allows the website to track the user’s activities on said website, such as referral and exit links, return visits, and other browsing details. This helps detect and prevent malevolent online activity, such as fraud and security breaches. Cookies may also log user preferences and adjust website content to better suit the user’s desired experience.

Cookies can be permanent or temporary. Temporary or session cookies will self-erase after a user exits the website or browser. Permanent cookies remain indefinitely after the user has exited the website or browser. Your web browser’s settings should include options to manage and delete cookies.

Find additional resources about cookies and how to manage them at and

Pixel Tags and Web Beacons

Pixel tags and web beacons are just two of the many different names for the same tracking technique. These tags function much as cookies do; small image files are placed in the code of web pages and emails to monitor and record user activity. Data collected by these means tell taggers how to adjust and improve marketing geared toward user’s needs based on their online behavior. Information collected may include date and time stamps, referring and exit pages, platform usage, ISP, browser type, and preferences. Learn more about these beacons at

B. Privacy Management

We have established protocols for how we collect, store, use, and share your information. This includes providing means for you to manage information you’ve shared with us.

If you do not want us to collect, store, use, or share your NPII, close the Website browser window. If you believe we may have collected and stored some of your NPII, please contact us directly. To erase any tracking files such as cookies, tags, or beacons, access your browser settings to delete these files manually.

Other ways to opt of tracking include logging onto and adjust your preferences to exclude certain or all third parties from storing, sharing, or otherwise using your information.

You may also find links in Marketers’ individual emails that allow you to unsubscribe from their mailing list(s).

Do-Not-Track protocol hasn’t yet been established, which means our security and privacy management functions in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the terms laid out in other legal documents on the Website regardless of any Do-Not-Track preferences, settings, or signals.

C. PII Security

In accordance with our privacy management protocols, we practice strict security and protection of your PII and your activity on the Website from any kind of unauthorized use. We use electronic and physical security to prevent loss, exploitation, fabrication, fraud, and other misuse of your information.

Our protocols include strict regulations regarding access to your information. We limit access in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the terms laid out in other legal documents on the Website. Access is also limited based on your consent and on all applicable laws. Your information is never to be used publicly. Any PaydaySeek employees and other parties who have authorized access to your PII are obligated and liable to maintain its security in accordance with our privacy management protocols. These protocols include disciplinary actions for any non-compliance.

Any illegal activity, such as stolen or modified information, or security breach that is beyond our control cannot be our legal responsibility. It is not possible to guarantee that no one will ever find means to circumvent our security and illegally access your information. The only way to guarantee your information is protected from any type of security breach is to contact us directly and request that your information be expunged from our lists and databases. Our contracts with Marketers stipulate that they are responsible for protecting your information to an extent that is reasonably possible. Additionally, we verify Marketers’ security policies to ensure they include legal and reasonable protocols designed to eliminate the possibility of a security breach.

D. Information Provided by Children

Users must be 18 years old in order to legally access and use the Website or its services. When we receive information that indicates a user may be under 18 years old, we immediately delete this information from our lists and servers. We do not voluntarily collect, store, use, or share any information from users under the age of 18. All of our protocols related to underage access and usage are in compliance with the Children’s Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).


We comply with the Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, which states that users may give consent and electronically sign documents agreeing to provide and receive information and conduct business via electronic means. We allow this type of information sharing according to stipulations in this Privacy Policy and other legal documents that regulate the Website.

When you submit your information through the Website, you give your consent to directly receive information in electronic form from the Website, Marketers, and Lenders. Once you provide your consent, all electronic communication and documentation is considered legal the same as if it were “in writing.”

PaydaySeek, Marketers, or Lenders may, at any time, discontinue electronic communication and documentation. Should this occur, you may receive prior notification directly or a notice may appear on the Website.

It is unnecessary to produce hard copies of electronic documents or records for any reason. These files are legitimate, legal evidence of agreements and obligations between parties, admissible in a court of law. Additionally, these files are to be managed in accordance with regulatory requirements and protocols as related to routine and scheduled destruction of information and documentation. These requirements may differ according to variance in local and laws.

F. Links to Third Party Websites

PaydaySeek provides a service connecting users to Lenders and financial products and services. This includes providing exit links to third party websites, such as the websites of Lenders and Marketers.

Clicking an exit link takes you to an external website that is not part of PaydaySeek and not subject to the protocols laid out in this Privacy Policy and other legal documents pertaining to the Website. These external websites have their own privacy policies and other regulating documents. We recommend reviewing an external website’s policies and legal disclaimers prior to sharing any information that website.

G. Regulations in Different States

We follow all laws, codes, and regulations at every governmental level including state governments. States regulate the use of user information differently; some require us to disclose exactly how and when we collect your information, how we store it, how we share it, and who we share it with. Accordingly, we provide you with contact information on the Website so you may directly request from us any and all details your state legally requires us to provide you. We have the right to deny information requests in the event that it is lawful to do so, such as when a user does not legally reside in a state without such regulations.

H. Modifications and Changes

PaydaySeek has the right to modify this Privacy Policy and other terms of use without prior notice. If we have to make any changes, we will post this information on the Website including effective date and document name. Any information we collect, store, use, or share will be subject to the version of the Privacy Policy in force when the information was initially collected.

All the same, we recommend users stay abreast of any revisions to the Privacy Policy and their dates of modification.

I. Questions, Inquiries, and Complaints

Any user who wishes to modify or have their PII withdrawn from PaydaySeek’s website, lists, and servers should contact the Website directly at [email protected] or using other contact details listed on the Website provided for the purposes of inquiry. To file complaints in regard to our operations, services, or protocols, please email [email protected] with the details pertinent to the complaint. We process all inquiries and complaints as soon as possible.

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